Causas y Efectos de la Migración Internacional en dos localidades urbanas del municipio de Acapulco de Juárez, Guerrero: Xaltianguis y Kilómetro 30

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This research focuses on the study of population migration phenomenon called the international arena of people in localities name: Xaltianguis and Kilometre 30, belonging to the Municipality of Acapulco, state of Guerrero, Mexico. The objective of this research is to analyze the phenomenon of international migration from the family structure and the contributions of family remittances in the homes of these locations, in order to propose alternatives for local development. Study exposes the reconfiguration that is occurring within families as regards the composition of the population structure, which leads to a redistribution of new family roles in which they are setting the household members of migrants they continue in places of origin and that leads them to seek new forms of internal family organization. the socio-demographic profile of migrants to the international arena is analyzed, evaluating the drain of young people in reproductive and productive economically speaking age, also an analysis of remittances to their home and receive their relatives was made where they remain filing. They were quantified by households and by different socio-demographic characteristics.
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